September 30, 2011

Samsung unveils mirrorless NX 200 camera


Samsung Electronics Co. on Thursday launched its new camera in NX series in South Korea. The electronics giant hopes to gain further ground in the high-end camera space, largely dominated by its Japanese rivals.
NX200, the newly launched mirrorless camera, is lighter and sleeker than its predecessor and takes faster shots of images without hurting the picture quality, Samsung said in a statement.

Samsung has been very confident about their NX range of cameras that are known for their interchangeable lenses and the mirrorless sensor design.
Samsung isn't the only brand manufacturing these mirrorless cameras, though. Brands such as Olympus and Panasonic have also been selling mirrorless micro four-third cameras, for a while now.
Samsung is the world's third-largest camera manufacturer by market share after Canon Inc.

India Special: The 2G Scam

Home Minister Chidambaram offers to resign - TV
The government sought to bury a flaming row over a finance ministry note that linked Home Minister P. Chidambaram to the 2G scandal, with Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee denying the note reflected his views on the controversial 2008 spectrum allocation. More »Finally, UPA tries to end crisis over 2G note
FILE - In this Nov. 7, 2008 file photo, Indian former Communications and Information Technology Minister Andimuthu Raja gestures while replying, on being cornered by journalists at a press conference in New Delhi, India. The blue-turbaned economist Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is credited with unleashing India's explosive growth, and now stands accused of dragging his heels while one of his government ministers presided over a telecommunications scandal involving Raja that allegedly cost the country billions of dollars, and although there is no suggestion that Singh benefited personally from the scandal, his reputation as a rare leader with clean hands is under threat from the mud slinging of Indian politics.(AP Photo, File)

Timeline of the 2G Scam

Yahoo! India News
Former Telecom Minister was arrested by the CBI on Wednesday for his alleged role in the … More »Timeline of the 2G Scam

2G scam: Anil Ambani on CBI radar

The CBI has informed the Supreme Court that it is probing the alleged involvement of Anil … More »2G scam: Anil Ambani on CBI radar

Latest on the 2G scam

What is the 2G scam all about?

In 2007-08, when the government issued 122 new telecom licences, several rules were violated and bribes were paid to favour certain firms. Several licences were issued to firms with no prior experience in the telecom sector or were ineligible or had suppressed relevant facts, CAG report said.

The violations cost the exchequer $39 billion in lost revenue, the auditor said, equivalent to India's defence budget.

The telecom ministry's process of issuing licences "lacked transparency and was undertaken in an arbitrary, unfair and inequitable manner," the auditor said.

Truce, says UPA as Pranab, Chidambaram close ranks
The Congress-led government sought to bury a flaming row over a finance ministry note that linked Home Minister P. Chidambaram to the 2G scandal, with Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee denying the note reflected his views on the 2008 spectrum allocation.

In a bid to show that the United Progressive Alliance was united, Mukherjee read out a prepared statement outside his North Block office. He was flanked by a grave-looking Chidambaram and cabinet ministers Salman Khurshid and Kapil Sibal.

'Apart from the factual background (on spectrum allocation), the paper (note) contains certain inferences and interpretations which do not reflect my views,' said Mukherjee, the most senior minister and also a Congress party veteran. More on this story

2G note didn't reflect my views: Pranab
Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee said the controversial note on 2G spectrum sent by his ministry to the Prime Minister's Office had 'certain inferences' that did not 'reflect his views' and was a 'background paper'.

'Apart from factual background (there were) certain inferences which do not reflect my views,' he told reporters in a brief statement outside his North Block office, accompanied by Home Minister P. Chidambaram, Law Minister Salman Khurshid and Human Resource Development Minister Kapil Sibal.

Chidambaram said: 'I am happy with the statement read by my distinguished colleague.' He said the matter is now closed.

Govt slams remark on CBI going soft on Chidambaram

The government objected to a petitioner's allegation that the CBI was shying from investigating Home Minister P. Chidambaram in the 2G case as his ministry controlled the cadre of Indian Police Service officers serving in the probe agency.

The Centre for Public Interest Litigation made the allegation while seeking appointment of two experts to monitor and supervise 2G spectrum investigation on day-to-day basis.

The apex court bench of Justice G.S. Singhvi and Justice A.K. Ganguly was told that the contention of CPIL counsel Prashant Bhushan against the IPS officers in the CBI amounted to casting aspersion on them.

Chidambaram favoured 2G auction, CBI tells apex court
The Central Bureau of Investigation strongly defended Home Minister P. Chidambaram, saying that the finance ministry under him had consistently favoured 'auction and indexisation' of 2G spectrum price.

The apex court bench of Justice G.S. Singhvi and Justice A.K. Ganguly was told that the 'finance ministry took a consistent stand and never deviated from its position of auction and indexisation of 2G spectrum price (from 2001 top 2008)'

Raja wants separate trial for breach of trust

Former communications minister A. Raja, the prime accused in the 2G spectrum case, contended Thursday in a special court here that the CBI's fresh plea to slap an additional charge of criminal breach of trust against him should be dealt with separately, to enable him to seek bail in the case.

He made the submission before the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) Special Judge O.P. Saini.

Raja told the court that the fresh application of the CBI to frame a charge of criminal breach of trust against him should be treated separately. Read on

CBI probe tycoon Anil Ambani in 2G case

Police are investigating the role of top tycoon Anil Ambani in the multi-billion dollar 2G telecoms scandal that has rocked India's political and business elites..

The 52-year-old billionaire is the highest-profile company executive to be drawn into the investigation of whether lucrative radio spectrum and mobile phone licences were sold at below-market prices in return for kickbacks.

September 29, 2011

Playhouses Of Rich Kids


Wendy houses or playhouses for children of the super rich

Lilliput Play Homes, based in Finleyville, Pennsylvania, sell 30 signature playhouses including the top-of-the-range Grand Victorian playhouse [above] which costs $19,999 (about £12,900). They ship the homes all over the world to parents eager to give their kids a taste of the real world in miniature. All of the playhouses have lavish interiors with accessories and furniture - and some even have working electricity for air conditioning should the kids get too hot. 

"We had one customer who had made their money in trucking who ordered an entire 'main street' for their child down in Florida which set them back $100,000 (£65,000)" said owner Steve Chernicky. "That was a one-off, but was a significant order." 

"Our starting prices for a standard luxury wendy house is around £3,800. But, if families want a custom playhouse and they order more than one, their bill starts at £39,000 each," said Steve. Above: Children play at the Cotton Candy Manor which costs $9,599 (about £6,140). 

The company has a burgeoning list of customers from the UK. "A large part of our business is international sales," said Steve. "On larger projects, we will fly out a supervisor from our company to help assemble these playhouses overseas." Above: A boy plays outside the Five Alarm Firehouse which costs $4,699 (about £3,000) 

The Red Apple School House which costs $5,299 (about £3,400)

Two girls play inside The Red Apple School House

Lil' Raskals' Lookout, which costs $5,899 (about £3,750)

The Princess Cottage: $5,499 (about £3,500)

The Piccadilly Playhouse: $3,999 (about £2,500)

A girl plays in inside a Newport-style Mansion

A man builds one of the playhouses in the style of a castle at the Lilliput Play Homes warehouse in Finleyville, Pennsylvania

Extravagant children's playhouses are auctioned off in Los Angeles. Homeaid's 19th annual Project Playhouse auction raises funds to help to build housing for the homeless. The playhouses are on show at a shopping centre in Irvine, California, for six weeks before the auction 

The playhouses, most of which come equipped with flat-screen TVs installed, are designed for the children of the rich and famous 

This playhouse is called the Ocean Adventure Lab

The interior of the Ocean Adventure Lab

New Facebook attack on the way

a protest group will force facebook to be as open as with its information, which the company expects users to be with their private information on social networks.

one group of young people who don't believe that happens are from from Austria who do not like facebook is behind this action

see more here Website INVITES all who are concerned with the various data facebook collects its data .they hope people will be using the European data protection rules. The goal is to force Facebook to open with the way the collect data.

they hope all will contact facebook which has European headquarters in Ireland and ask them to send data and prints that facebook save about you.

the Austrians students accuse facebook to store information about user even if they have. delete there facebook.they are concerned that Facebook also collects information elsewhere on the Web
without caring about people.

one of the students have even turned to facebook and got a knowing that his information contained 1200 pages for the 3 years he has spent on facebook.if you ask for your details they have 40 days to come up with the impormation.facebook argue that the many impormation on, for example liked the business is secret ect. is their Property. again one of the many reasons I am not and will never use facebook

UK VPN Service Will Disclose Users’ Details

British VPN service called Hide my Ass confirmed that it will hand over the details of its subscribers to the FBI if they show up with a court order.


This may be something new for those believing that using the VPN service would ensure them certain a degree of anonymity, even if they were carrying out cyber attacks on others. The news emerged after Hide my Ass began receiving letters from the users that said its services were used by large hacker groups like Lulzsec. On its official page, the company told that when Lulzsec IRC chat logs had been released, Hide my Ass turned out to be in the list of the VPN services they used for cyber attacks.

However, the service did nothing about this fact, because there wasn’t enough evidence to prove the wrongdoing, as well as to identify which particular accounts were used. But later the organization got a court order asking for data regarding to one of the accounts allegedly involved in the leak. The company’s terms of service and privacy policy state that their services are not to be used for unauthorized activity. Consequently, being a legitimate firm, Hide my Ass will cooperate with the law enforcement provided they receive a court order.

The company clarified that its VPN service, as well as VPN services in general, are not designed to be used for any kind of unauthorized activity. That’s why it is naive for hacktivists to believe that by paying a small subscription fee to a company providing VPN service they may feel free to violate the law without fearing consequences. Meanwhile, Hide my Ass pointed out that it’s true not only for them, but even hardcore privacy services, advertising their service as the one that would never let identify you, will most likely to have their network tracked and tapped by the police.

Hide my Ass was founded back in 2005 as a way to bypass filtering of the Internet, and it still believes that the web shouldn’t be filtered. In case the FBI shows up with a court order, the company will only provide them with the logging times that users connect and disconnect from the VPN network. Although the service doesn’t monitor the traffic once it is running, it is still possible to locate abusive users.

Hide my Ass added that it is a company residing in the United Kingdom, and therefore it will only obey British laws. So, if any other government wants log details, it will have to prove the subscribers violated British laws, not its own.

Facebook Denies Monitoring Its Users

The world’s most famous social networking service Facebook made an announcement where he has denied the earlier expressed claims that it’s been monitoring its users’ activities and data with an indestructible cookie, even after the users have left the website.


It was an Australian insecurity expert named Nik Cubrilovic, who recently exposed Facebook for using cookies to monitor its users after they have logged off from the social network. This claim caused many worries to Facebook users and industry experts. Indeed, the issue was important enough to get worried – rare people would be glad to know that their sensitive information is recorded and can later be given or sold to someone. Meanwhile, the media were quick to release the respond Facebook made in regards to this accusation. According to the newspapers, Facebook engineer Gregg Stefancik confirmed that the social networking service changes cookies when Facebook users log out, but it never deletes them. In excuse, Facebook representative explained that it was only made as a safety measure. He also pointed out that the company would never use the cookies to monitor its users’ behavior or, God forbids, sell their sensitive information.

Facebook was also quick to release a written statement, where it denied that it tracked its users via the Internet. They insist that cookies are only used to personalize the material, and are employed to maintain and enhance Facebook’s deeds, such as measuring click-through rates. They are also very useful to keep underage children from trying to register with a different age. Logged-out cookies can also be used to identify spammers and phishers, and are useful in detecting an unauthorized computer’s attempt to access your account.

Of course, none of the data the social network receives when the user sees a social plug-in can be used to target advertisements. It also deletes or anonymizes such content during three months. Facebook testified that such information is never sold or given to anyone.

Nevertheless, there are signs indicating that Facebook is getting out of hand. For example, a week ago it showed off new 3rd-party applications able to automatically share every action you take, like every song you listen to, every article you read and every video you watch

Face Is Art: 30 Surreal Faces To Inspire You

Face! It’s what humans express their own expression, happy or sad, excited or angry. It’s also how humans judge one’s beauty like, let’s say, who doesn’t want to have a face like Brad Pitt or Megan Fox, or Gerald Butler, you know, the one who casted king Leonidas in the movie 300.
surreal face Face Is Art: 30 Surreal Faces To Inspire You
(Image Source: WALEE)
But hey, does the face only looks beautiful with regular formation, 2 ears, 2 eyes, 1 nose and 1 mouth? Sounds boring, how about a valve on the eye, a mouth which looks like a drawer, or a face that can be flipped like a book? Eww, that will be ugly, but wait, think again after you enjoyed this showcase.
As you might’ve expected, in this showcase there will be absolutely no handsome or beautiful face, but just cool and inspiring face which received serious Photoshop surgery by artists who apparently don’t know what is the limitation of art. You’ve seen all kind of beautiful faces in your life, but now, let these face challenge your view of beauty, have fun!
AB. Pareeerica blends human’s face really well with pretty much anything, this gorgeous one is Alec Baldwin‘s face combined with a wolf. (Image Source: pareeerica)
ab Face Is Art: 30 Surreal Faces To Inspire You
Anonymous. Perfect blend between the mask and the figure, the naming is just right as the mask also has something to do with the word, anonymous, just it’s quite complicated. (Image Source: RubberSun)
anonymous Face Is Art: 30 Surreal Faces To Inspire You
Assembler. What is your face made of? I’m not quite sure, but for sure this piece is made by great artist. (Image Source: Kosmur)
assembler Face Is Art: 30 Surreal Faces To Inspire You
Beaux Arts Magazine Closeup. Very nice idea with extraordinary Photoshop skill, and most importantly it’s unique! (Image Source: WALEE)
beaux arts magazine closeup Face Is Art: 30 Surreal Faces To Inspire You
Broken Heart. Please don’t do it in front of human, at least in front of me. Utterly chilling and cool manipulation! (Image Source: Leonheart)
broken heart Face Is Art: 30 Surreal Faces To Inspire You
Chest Of Drawers. Will the mouth looks beautiful if it’s designed this way? But for sure this piece is beautifully done. (Image Source: adnrey)
chest of drawers Face Is Art: 30 Surreal Faces To Inspire You
C O R E. “About something inside me, what I found, when I cut…” (Image Source: adnrey)
core Face Is Art: 30 Surreal Faces To Inspire You
Cover My Face. Looks like the positioning is, may be, wrong? Creative idea done with great manipulation skill. (Image Source: Giuseppe Mastromatteo)
cover my face Face Is Art: 30 Surreal Faces To Inspire You
Where’s Our Ear (Lady). Another favorable version with ears in wrong position. There are in fact many of the similar ideas out there, but I particularly love Giuseppe Mastromatteo’s works, neat and artistic.(Image Source: Giuseppe Mastromatteo)
wheres our ear Face Is Art: 30 Surreal Faces To Inspire You
Cracking Up. Realistic cracking effect with perfectly applied texture, awesome one. (Image Source:pareeerica)
cracking up Face Is Art: 30 Surreal Faces To Inspire You
CUT. “Do you think, you know me..? No… I don’t know myself…” (Image Source: adnrey)
cut Face Is Art: 30 Surreal Faces To Inspire You
Face Manipulation. You will be surprised yourself, and I will be scared. Nicely done with a funny manner. (Image Source: Thomas Cullen)
face manipulation Face Is Art: 30 Surreal Faces To Inspire You
Face Off. This is so wrong man, but it’s scarily cool! (Image Source: D&#283de&#269ek)
face off Face Is Art: 30 Surreal Faces To Inspire You
Freddy. “The ripped texture layer along with the mean look? Perfect combination! I bet he plays a kick@## bass! =)” – filam61 (Image Source: Glenn Karlsen)
freddy Face Is Art: 30 Surreal Faces To Inspire You
Ghost Of Egypt. The eye of Horus, how magically done. (Image Source: pareeerica)
ghost of egypt Face Is Art: 30 Surreal Faces To Inspire You
Half Life. I can’t believe you won’t recognize this idea if you’re a Half Life player, and yes this is actually one of the Halve’s logo. Really love this, seriously yet funnily done! (Image Source: adnrey)
half life Face Is Art: 30 Surreal Faces To Inspire You
Parée & Nefertiti Blend. What can I say? It blends perfectly. (Image Source: pareeerica)
paree and nefertiti blend Face Is Art: 30 Surreal Faces To Inspire You
Reface. Unique concept and look at the slice… neat! (Image Source: Kosmur)
reface Face Is Art: 30 Surreal Faces To Inspire You
Refraction. Perfectly photoshopped piece with significant amount of aesthetic, I love this face. (Image Source: adnrey)
refraction Face Is Art: 30 Surreal Faces To Inspire You
Rim Job. “Test shot with new ‘strip lights’ I constructed. Used them for rim lighting on the edges (notice the light outlining my face/shoulders!?)” (Image Source: RubberSun)
rim job Face Is Art: 30 Surreal Faces To Inspire You
Scared. Terrific manipulation and processing, and what’s terrific more,(Image Source: Tutzor)
scared Face Is Art: 30 Surreal Faces To Inspire You
Shattering Face. Creative and glamorous effect, there’s also a nice similar manipulation available indeviantArt page. (Image Source: 10Steps)
shattering face Face Is Art: 30 Surreal Faces To Inspire You
Social Veneer. Will probably be how the machine looks like in future, brilliant work. (Image Source:RubberSun)

the skin Face Is Art: 30 Surreal Faces To Inspire You
Tear Off Face. Similar idea with the Broken Heart, but with the Giuseppe Mastromatteo-specific artistic style. (Image Source: Giuseppe Mastromatteo)
tear off face Face Is Art: 30 Surreal Faces To Inspire You
Unspeaking. Here comes a very fun and creative series done by adnrey, favored them! (Image Source:adnrey)
unspeaking Face Is Art: 30 Surreal Faces To Inspire You
Unverbal. It’s probably funny unless it happens in real world, outstanding idea. (Image Source: adnrey)
unverbal Face Is Art: 30 Surreal Faces To Inspire You
Watch You. It looks so innocent, yet, not so innocent… scarily charming piece. (Image Source:adnrey)
watch you Face Is Art: 30 Surreal Faces To Inspire You
Vector Composite Face. An unique effect which can be achieved by some fairly basic techniques including clipping masks and displacement maps(Image Source: PSDTuts)
vector composite face Face Is Art: 30 Surreal Faces To Inspire You
What A “Handsome” Face. “The idea popped up in my mind when pondering about the origin of the word “handsome” ;)
Surprisingly, all my friends interpreted the picture completely differently, ranging from “something reaching out from inside the face” to “teeth” and “shouting” to “hurt”. May I ask you as a viewer to share your initial impressions in a few brief words ?” (Image Source: Lutz Schubert)
what a handsome face Face Is Art: 30 Surreal Faces To Inspire You


I must say I had serious fun time doing this, not because these great manipulation works look funny, but I’m pleased with how unsuitable elements can be mixed together to give birth a face that looks awesome, inspiring, and apparently beautiful. I think this is what’s called art, achieve the genuine beauty with elements that just don’t seem to fit!
You think you saw a cool face today on the web? Don’t hesitate to show to us, let’s get inspired together!